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Sorry Red Sox No Suzuki for you ? 

Sorry Red Sox No Suzuki for you ? 

Japanese star outfielder Seiya Suzuki was high on my Christmas wish list this year, ( yes i know there’s a lock out work w me here people) He is one of the more intriguing possible additions during the ongoing lockout.  A right-handed power bat who can play multiple outfield positions ? sign me up. And Chaim Bloom for once seemed on the same page as myself (Good to Know Bloom can Learn). But this situation got far more cloudy when MLB contact with Free Agents shut down, delaying his signing deadline all the way to … Your Guess I As Good As Mine. 

The Red Sox, Yankees and Blue Jays are the top suitors for the Japanese star OF Seiya Suzuki, negotiations can continue after the lockout. (BSJ) — Boston Strong (@BostonStrong_34) December 5, 2021

 Most recent rumor’s about Suzuki indicated that his potential short list included The Red Sox. in fact the old town team was high on that list. Then why the sudden unfollowing of The Sox on his “Insta-snap-book account ?” 

Seiya Suzuki has unfollowed the Red Sox on Instagram 😔 — Section 10 Podcast (@Section10Pod) December 10, 2021

It’s a mystery 

There’s been plenty of optimism on Red Sox twitter about Suzuki heading to Fenway, and for good reason. He’s got a swing built for Boston and would pound the wall like few we here have seen in recent years, and Bloom has to replace Hunter Renfroe’s production, right ? Right ? The Sox looked like the favorites to land the Superstar after his posting, Now I’m not so sure. Are the Sox out of the mix for the Super Star ? Is this an opening for the Yankees ? Or Was this all a ploy by Suzuki’s agent ? Let me know what you think.

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