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Say Hey JBJ Plays Every Day 

Before you jump into the comments – my twitter DM’s or for some of you my Email. I don’t blame Christian Arroyo. I blame Chaim Bloom for going into this season without a right handed bat in his plan to platoon with Jackie Bradley Jr in right field. Secondly I blame Alex Cora for not realizing that this experiment was doomed before Bloom got the words, just play Christian out there. out of his mouth. 

This was doomed from the moment Bloom chose to sell high on Hunter Renfroe. That’s right, I said it. The Human Bloomin idion in his never ending quest to stockpile weapons of minor league production , chose to ship off Renfroe for JBJ and the sixteenth and Seventeenth ranked prospects in the Brewers system. Middle infielder David Hamelton and Cornerman Alex  Binelas. Hamilton is raking at AA Portland. Binelas is also hitting the cover off the ball in High A Greenville. That’s no help to the lack of defense this team has in the outfield every time Arroyo is put in a position he has no place being in. 

Every game Arroyo has been out there, the other team has exposed him. He’s a good athlete and has never been out there before but it’s been killing them. Score should be 0-0 and Hill should have about 30 pitches — Lou Merloni (@LouMerloni) April 12, 2022

Sacrificing defense for offence is something I can wrap my head around. Especially when your bats are taking this long to heat up. But sitting the best outfield glove on your roster for embarrassing play after embarrassing play is more than this writer can take. If you’re so high on Arroyos’ bat let him play second while Story has his upset tummy. At least it’s a position he can play and won’t take mistakes he made in the outfield to the plate in his next at bat. 

A couple of roundabout routes to the ball by Arroyo not catching Torkelson's double nor Schoop's single. — Red Sox Stats (@redsoxstats) April 12, 2022

Bottom Line 

This team should not be winning or losing because of its number nine hitter. Not with – Devers – Hernandez – Bogaerts – Story – Martinez and Verdugo in the lineup. Even with a slow start and tummy ache. Arroyo does not have what it takes to convert to RF. Right in Yankee stadium is like playing on a 50/70 diamond. And he handed the Yanks a W there. He almost did again today before the rally in Detroit. You think today was bad ? Wait until they ask him to play right here at Fenway. God help Red Sox Nation. Play JBJ every day. And wait for him to get hot in June or July. 

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