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Saturday Shenanigans You Might Have Missed


  • I am certain that most didn't miss it, but can't do Saturday shenanigans without mentioning what is now the largest comeback in NFL history. The Minnesota Vikings mounted a stunning OT win after being down 33-0 at halftime. The Vikings ultimately beating the Indianapolis Colts 39-36 off the foot of 28-year-old Greg Joseph.

  • The Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills game was also decided by the foot of the kicker. Tyler Bass hit a 25 yard field goal as time was expiring to give Buffalo the 32-29 win in this divisional matchup. The Bills have earned their 4th consecutive playoff berth, leading the AFC (11-3).

  • Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor suffered a sprained ankle during their 39-36 OT loss to the Minnesota Vikings. He was injured on the 1st drive of them game, later being ruled out. The 23-year-old will undergo further testing to determine the severity of the injury.

  • The Pittsburg Steelers announced that Mitch Trubisky will get handed the ball for the start this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Starting QB Kenny Pickett remains under concussion protocol after having to leave last weeks game against the Ravens.


  • Phoenix Suns standout Devin Booker scored a whopping 58 points in the Suns comeback win over the New Orleans Pelicans 118-114. The Suns overcame a 24-point 3rd quarter deficit to snag the win in a season where they now sit at 18-12.


  • The Pittsburgh Pirates and catcher Austin Hedges have agreed on a 1 year, $5-million contract. Hedges spent last season with the Cleveland Guardians.

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers and designated hitter J.D. Martinez have come to an agreement on a 1 year, $10-million contract. Martinez spent the last 5 seasons in Boston, earning an All-Star trip 4 of those years.

  • The Chicago Cubs and star shortstop Dansby Swanson have agreed on a 7 year, $177-million contract, which is said to include a no trade clause and has no opt outs.

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