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Sam Kennedy says: Bloom Not on Hot Seat 

In a season that may have Red Sox fans reaching for bleach to wash away the memory of, CEO and President ( Jesus how many titles do you need these days) Sam Kennedy takes zero pause in saying Chief Baseball officer Chaim Bloom isn’t going anywhere. And neither is Alex Cora. 

“I am very comfortable saying Chaim and Alex will be back,” Kennedy told The Athletic on Monday. “And I am very comfortable saying there is a strong belief in the direction of the franchise from our ownership group. That direction is continuing to build for the future, but also continuing to invest at the major-league level.”

Seems that Sam Kennedy and the Red Sox ownership group giving Chaim Bloom an endorsement of returning in 2023 supersedes any other speculation. —#RedSox #DirtyWater — Dan Kelley (@DanKelley66) August 29, 2022

Since the trade deadline the Red Sox are 11-15 and it wasn’t even that pretty. And sit at the bottom of the AL East 62-67 a full 8 games out for the last wildcard spot. It’s over before September begins. Yet Kennedy  is not even considering axing the architect of this debacle of a 2020 season. Why ? 

“To be looking up at the American League East at this point of the year is painful and frustrating. And frankly we deserve the criticism we’re getting. We’ve got to own that. It’s on us. But we’ve been around here a long time and we’re prepared to turn things around quickly here as we head into ’23.”

Sam Kennedy is a total lackey fraud. He’s a firefighter for the owners. We’ll see what actually happens. But by all means eat it up pinkies. — Lobstabred (@Lobstabred) August 29, 2022

Chaim Bloom took the reins of the Red Sox in 2020 and finished dead last in the AL East. Pandemic be damned that should not have happened, Last year they rode a wave to the ALCS missing a trip to the World Series by 2 games. Don’t remember ? Just ask Bloom he will remind you. Now he again sits in Last place in the AL east and wont even sniff October. How is this man’s job not on the line? The team he put on the Field in March was marred by holes throughout both its lineup and it’s pitching staff. Bloom hung hopes on rebuilt UCL’s , overachieving kids, the hopes of walk year career years  and prayer. All the while the spectrum of losing team leader and Boston legend Xander Bogaerts come fall hanging over the team like a year long dark cloud. 

Sam Kennedy believes that the Red Sox have the resources to keep both Bogaerts and Devers long term. — Boston Strong (@BostonStrong_34) August 29, 2022

Not a single move has worked out for Bloom this season. His cheap rent a wreck approach to team building has blown up in his face. His vaunted prospects have come up miles short at every spot they were put in and are now exposed as AAAA players. Removing themselves as trade chips for frontline help. Bloom has blown it. Even when he spends money ( Trevor Story ) it backfires. It’s time for Bloom to go. Lets just hope Alex Cora doesn’t end up taking the fall for this mess. We all know The Red Sox have the means to keep both Bogaerts and Devers. But will they? 

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