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Ronnie Perkins officially a Patriots Weapon

New England Patriots rookies reported to camp on Tuesday and Ronnie Perkins promptly signed his rookie deal. (See Pats Cap for details) Flash Back to April’s NFL draft and the Pats are on the clock with the 96th pick and select the Oklahoma Linebacker Perkins, just please don’t look into my living room because I lost my mind. 

The Hoodie had already signed free agent LB Matt Judon – Brought back Kyle Van Noy and Oh look a depth chart that included – Dont’a HightowerJosh UcheJa’Whaun BentleyAnfernee Jennings and a host of versatile defensive ends and safeties to mix and match that fill out the second level. So why on earth did Belichick do this to ME? I mean why go Linebacker? 

Yeah My Bad

This was not an indictment of Perkins. But of myself. I fell into the trap. The “Weapons Trap” that so many local and national media members had set for me. And I walked right into it. Just a short walk up the street from 96 Clemson WR Amari Rogers had come off the board at 85 – he will be chilling in Green Bay. Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz was in the kitchen but went to Cleveland at 91. And Amon Ra St. Brown was at the table for the Pats to select. But Nooooo, Bill passed on him also. The pick was in and it was Ronnie Perkins. TV’s were thrown, old TV’s, heavy TV’s. Does anyone want to buy a TV? 

Thanks to the @Patriots for believing in me. Now it’s time to work my ass off for the 2nd one — Ronnie Perkins™ (@7avageszn) July 20, 2021

Weapons Weapons Weapons 

That’s all I had in my head. brainwashed by people whom I trust, people I talk to often, people I drink with not often enough. So I took the bait, sue me. This was the right pick, Perkins may become the steal of this year’s draft. Perkins had been suspended for a failed drug test and missed a portion of the 2020 season. He is an end of the first-round defensive weapon, that Bill stole at the end of the third and is inked up to a third rounders deal for the next four seasons. And I will happily eat this plate of crow for the duration.

Patriots getting younger

The Pats have already signed 2021 draft choices Mac Jones, running back Rhamondre Stevenson, linebacker Cameron McGrone, safety Joshuah Bledsoe, offensive tackle William Sherman and wide receiver Tre Nixon.

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Featured Image via Getty Images Ronnie Perkins Patriots

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