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Role Players to watch

The NBA Finals begin tonight between the Celtics and Warriors.  We know the big-time players in the series but who are some of the guys we should be looking at to be the Paxson, Kerr, or Allen.

A mid-season acquisition who seems to fit better as each game goes by.  HIs defense is solid and he really has a knack for getting to the hoop.

Great range and Offensive game.  He helps create space for the big 2 shooters.

The Milwaukee series Game #7 hero is a plus with his ability to switch on defense and hit corner 3’s.

Always have to worry about a player who has been a Finals MVP and can calm the storm.  His game has changed, his mentality- not soo much.

Foul trouble, injuries, and rest are givens in a game, no matter how far into the playoffs you get.  Keep an eye on these guys to make a difference and be factors.

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