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Result of Today’s Historic Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship Match at Michinoku Pro Event

In the main event of today’s Michinoku Pro show at Korakuen Hall, Fujita Jr. Hayato defeated Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion MUSASHI to become the new Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion. This match marked Hayato’s return to action after many years and is his third reign as champion.

It was an emotional victory for both Fujita Jr. Hayato and his supporters.

Fujita Jr. Hayato, who had not wrestled for many years, made a surprise appearance at the Michinoku Pro event in Takizawa City on March 8. and challenged MUSASHI for the championship. Michinoku Pro is based in the Tohoku region of Japan, and Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship matches usually take place there. Established in August 2002, this was only the seventh time in the 20-year history of the championship that it was contested at a Michinoku Pro event in Korakuen Hall. Seven of those matches involved Fujita Jr. Hayato, the third one being in June 2012 when Hayato won the championship for the second time in his career and began the sixth-longest reign in the history of the championship, and the last one before today being in June 2016, when Hayato challenged for the championship for the last time until now.


This match was also historical because of the long road that Fujita Jr. Hayato has been on to get there.

Trained by legend Jinsei Shinzaki and beginning his career in December 2004 in a Michinoku Pro ring at a Korakuen Hall event, Fujita Jr. Hayato saw much success, which included not only two reigns as Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion, but also being a co-holder of the NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Championship, which he defended in ZERO1.

However, Fujita Jr. Hayato’s very successful career took an unfortunate turn when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. In 2019, Hayato had surgery to partially remove a tumor in his spine, and now, four years after his career was sidetracked by the disease, Hayato is back and reclaimed the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship. His return is a source of inspiration for anyone who is confronted with an obstacle in life that may seem impossible to overcome.

Fujita Jr. Hayato’s next stop will be the July series event on July 16 in Yahaba Town, where he will be arriving as the new Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Stay tuned for more information on results from the Korakuen Hall event and photos that are soon to come.

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