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Red Sox Wish they all could be California Gaaaaaames 

WWWWWW FINAL: #RedSox 6, Angels 5#DirtyWater — Red Sox (@RedSox) June 8, 2022

For those of you keeping score , It’s Six straight wins for the Old Town Team. Did Boston make this trip at the perfect moment in time ? Sure Did. Did they catch a break here or there ? Damn straight . Has this team re-captivated the masses ? You bet your ass it has. 

Before Mike Trout took Garrett Whitlock deep for a two run blast in the top of the first, the Sox had been surfing a starting pitching wave we haven’t seen around these parts in a very long time.. If Fact it’s been a stretch no one has ever seen. 

Boston’s starters have allowed one earned run in 39.2 innings (0.23 ERA) in their last six games. That’s their lowest ERA over a six-game span since earned runs were first tracked in the A.L. in 1913. — MLB Stats (@MLBStats) June 7, 2022

For the first time this season the Sox won a game when they had been trailing after the sixth inning. They were a miserable 0-18 before Christian Vazquez sent a single to left in Extras plating the ghost running Trevor Story from second in the top of the tenth. And I have to tell you 1-18 never felt so good. 

Waking up to a Red Sox win in extra innings??? Is this real? Am I dreaming? Wow! Completely shocked and completely thrilled!!!#DirtyWater — BallPark Buzz (@BallParkBuzz) June 8, 2022

The Pen got Bullish 

The hard work and deep outings from the starters has given the pen some much needed rest and it looks like the back end of the rotation has begun to shake out. 

“The bullpen, they did an amazing job,” Red Sox manager Alex Cora said, “We went to the bullpen quickly, and (Hirokazu) Sawamura was outstanding and (Austin) Davis. We kept going and going. They’re rested because of what the starters have done. We did an outstanding job from there.”

The slider never sleeps 🙅‍♂️ — Red Sox (@RedSox) June 8, 2022

Tanner Houck who came in and kept up his off the hook out of the pen performances for the month of June going. Houck tossed two scoreless and grabbed the Win. It feels like Houck has been cutting down his pitch repertoire and dancing with the pitches that he feels most comfortable throwing in any spot during the count. 

You can count on Christian 💪 — Red Sox (@RedSox) June 8, 2022

Hits Not Heroes 

For those of you new to the program I coach young high school age ball players and one of the things I drill into them is I need hits not heroes. Last night the Sox took my advice. Boston had 15 hits in ten innings of plate work. Eleven of those were singles. One of them tied up the game ( Trevor Story in the seventh ) and of course (Vazquez single in the tenth) drove in the winning run. 

Hitting – Pitching – Defense 

AIR RAFFY! — Red Sox (@RedSox) June 8, 2022

It’s a simple game people. At any level It comes down to the basics. During the first two months of the season the Sox seemed to never be able to get all three going in the same game. If one showed up the others didn’t. Or the others weren’t good enough to pick up the one that needed to be held up on that day. Again this trip may have come with both the A’s playing like the AAA’s and the Angels mired in the worst stretch of play in their history. But you need to capitalize on these opportunities. You need to Win the ones you’re supposed to win. And the sox are finally doing that. 

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