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Red Sox Who's On First What's on Second

We know who’s on first, Casas, What's on Second ? A MASH unit in Adalberto Mondesi and old friend Christian Arroyo. Third Base we have the lovable menace Raffy Devers locked up and Kike is penciled in at short. Sorry but it looks like the last days of frozen fenway around here. We are talking Thin Ice

You make allowances in the case of Devers, a once in a lifetime talent who could be in the conversation for MVP in any given year throughout the length of his contract but the rest . yea i just cringed. But with just four weeks until the sox play their first spring training game Bloom has some decisions to make and not a ton of time to make them.

While you, me or anyone with a modicum of baseball knowledge can see the need for at least one more utility infielder. it seems as though Chief of B.O. Chaim Bloom and President of propaganda Sam Kennedy have yet to see this light. I know Alex Cora would like to see another bat who can cover second and short brought in. The issue is, Who ?

Elvis Andrus

Andrus isn’t the All-Star he once was. He won’t suddenly transform the Sox into the juggernaut they were just three short years ago. But he is a solid veteran glove who has shown he can still produce. Elvis played 43 games for the White Sox, last season and hit .271 with nine home runs, 28 RBI and 11 stolen bases. Andrus is the best remaining shortstop on the market and would be a quality reserve for the old town team.

José Iglesias

Stop beating this dead horse Murph. No I won't. Bringing back José would do my old heart good. And that of Manager Alex Cora. Iglesias has the versatility to play on both sides of second and we all know he can handle Boston , you notice I didn't say media because they’ve become baby food soft around here.

Bottom Line

The Sox desperately need help up the middle. The depth on this team is about as shallow as a 18 month old's baby's bathwater. With either of these moves it would give Cora the option to mix and match - rest and recuperate his players and would give the skipper the option of moving Kike back into center when needed. And trust me when will happen. There is a ton to do before camp breaks. Figuring out the rotation and bullpen - finding a cleanup hitter in this menagerie - understanding how the new pieces all fit in the locker room. But none of that can happen before this issue is settled.

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