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Red Sox Take Two of Three from KC. Are you Not Distracted ? Are you Not Distracted ?

I wrote that headline with Maximus Decimus Meridius voice in my head. so please for full effect go back and read it that way. After being shut down by Jordan Lyles in game one of this series. The Sox Managed to take the last two games in this BBQ road-trip to KC ( the worst BBQ in America ) That's right 2 wins off three pitchers with a combined win-loss record of 5-37 and an ERA of 6.11. That's a good thing right . I mean like the song says two out of three ain’t bad.

Jordan Lyles . 4-15 6.29 ERA . given up more HR (34) than anyone in the American League and second most in MLB trailing only Dodgers Lance Lynn (37)

Alec Marsh 0-8 6.23 ERA … has no business being on a MLB roster

Zack Greinke 1-14 5.34 ERA….. has no business period

But hey Chris Sale did get a W in what was his best outing since he shut down the Tigers for 4.2 innings back on August eleventh. Sale went five innings and gave up just 2 hits while striking out 5 . Five innings. No small feat for Sale or Red Sox starters this season who have pitched fewer innings than any club in MLB. True a lot of that is due to injury and Bloom's moronic use of “openers” but still the Sox once again have ground down what was maybe the best bullpen in the American League to dust with a month left in the year. But let's all rejoice that Sale went 5 and got a W vs a team 50 games under .500

That's the plan now isn't it ? distract the masses with tiny victories like this or second half solo home runs and bloated OBP by platoon players ? Woo-hoo chicks dig the long ball. Let's look forward to the future down on the farm and check out the defense from our 140 million dollar number 7 hitter at shortstop. Never mind that this rotation has been a complete nightmare all year. Or that they are 23rd in RLISP 3.61 per game, and 18th RLOB 6.85 per in MLB. And Don't Dare bring up the fact this is the worst fielding team in MLB 92 Errors and a Fielding % of .981. that's with the new MLB scoring system where everything is a hit. Just brush that aside and look at the shiny things we tell you too.

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