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Red Sox Take 2 of 3 From Yankees and Finally Take an AL East series

Dateline Fenway: It felt good to smile while typing that ( Dateline Fenway. ) It hasn’t been the case often this year. So just let me live in the moment. Okay back to reality. It took until Mid-August for this monster of a ballclub that Chaim put together for his Bloom Sox to take a series from an AL East team. I’m not counting that W over Baltimore anywhere but in the standings, Mid – August. That’s Disgusting. But that’s what they did this weekend vs the Evil Empire known as the New York Yankees. And thank god. I believe we all needed it as much if not more than the team did. Taking 2 of 3 gave Red Sox Nation “ A New Hope “ 

Michael Wacha's return was pretty epic. — Red Sox (@RedSox) August 15, 2022

But waking up this morning I realized this is what the 2022 Red Sox are all about. Giving us all hope. The Bloom Sox are two games under .500 at 57-59 sitting the the basement of the AL EAST, Fifteen and a half games behind the Yanks but just four and a half out of the last wildcard spot. So there’s Hope. Hope is a dangerous thing. 

LEAN BACK ON THEM DEVERS!!! — Boston Strong (@BostonStrong_34) August 15, 2022

The crowds at Fenway this weekend were electric. Sorry for the cliche but it fits. The best fans in the world came out and sold out for their team. A show of support that quite frankly feeds into Jon Henry and Chaim Bloom’s devious plan that in Boston If you build the team they will come. As long as there is Hope. All you need to do is listen to Alex Cora’s comments after the game. 

” I think math-wise, obviously it looks challenging. But I still believe that we’re going to have one of those big runs. We’re going to pitch; we’re going to play good defense.”

Starter Michael Wacha backed up his managers; there is still light at the end of the tunnel message. 

 “We’re getting healthy and we believe in what we’re doing. Let’s see where this goes.”

REESE MCGUIRE WITH THE SAC FLY! TRADE DEADLINE ACQUISITIONS MAKING AN IMPACT!#RedSox | #DirtyWater — Tyler Milliken ⚾️ (@tylermilliken_) August 14, 2022

Those in the Bloom camp ( The Media Types ) will force feed you that his deadline acquisitions are once again coming through, don’t be fooled. The Sox managed nine runs over a three game set to take two from New York ( hey there’s that smile again.) But truth be told the Sox are 15 games under .500 in the division. Of their 46 remaining games 31 come against the AL East. It’s time to fish or cut bait. Can the boys keep taking series like they did this weekend? Can they come out on top of a sweep or two here down this long 46 game home stretch. Think about that, the home stretch is 48 games long.  Like my main man Red below ,The short term fan in me wants to jump on this bandwagon of hope. The long term fan in me doesn’t want to give more fuel to Blooms fire that this is the path. That young and or cheap is the method in this decade. That hope will keep the turnstiles rolling and Fenway filled. 

Yankees got Phamed, Devered and Wacha’ed. Red Sox take series. Could be an interesting September… — Red (@SurvivingGrady) August 15, 2022

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