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Red Sox Swept, Friday they were Chasing a Wildcard. Monday Left Chasing Their Tails

After being outscored 25-8 in a three game set over the weekend AT HOME. including a 13-1 drubbing in the final game, against a team you are chasing for THE LAST wildcard spot in the American league I think the question begs to be asked. What The Actual FUK are you people doing out here.

I don't think that it’s a question of these kids not loving to win . I think they don’t hate to lose. Even many of the fans you see on social media are in on this attitude. This mindset. This new way of life. but there are still what I call the proud Red Sox fans. Who are not going quietly into the night. The ones who understand the tune Bloom and his bad front office cover band are on stage playing for you every time they stand or in Blooms case sit in front of a mic isn't what they were sold on when they bought their tickets - paid their cable bill or subscribed to NESN 369 for.

At the trade deadline Bloom gave Raffy, Alex Cora and all of you the middle finger. He played his trump card “ We believe in this team “ , and the guys coming back: Sale - Story - Houck and Whitlock will right this ship. Yea pull this leg, He didn't make any moves that shored up this team and it's needs going into this series with the Blue Jays never mind for this season. He didn't trade away big league pieces that would help his vision of sustainability. Or even move deadwood that he would probably lose in the upcoming rule 5 draft in December. Yes top shelf or once top shelf talent is on its way back, but for how long ? We aren't exactly talking about Iron Men here. These men aren't to be confused with Ripken - Gehrig or Bob Gibson. But hey as long as the turnstiles spin. Right ? For the first thirty plus years of my life, I choked on the words ( wait till next year ) I’m done - I’m outraged and you all should be too. Or is chasing the last wildcard spot okay with you ?

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