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Red Sox Sweep Blue Jays: So why am I worried ?

The Sox just spent the weekend cleaning up in Toronto with another sweep of the Jays. They now lead the season series 7-0. A good weekend was had by most of the team. Hitters got bats on balls, pitchers threw strikes and the left side of the infield only made two errors in three games. Hey this year, with this squad? that's something to write about. they are 2 games over .500 and 3 1/2 back for the final wildcard slot. So why the worra worra worra face Murph ? Garrett Whitlock that's why

I should be sitting here talking about Jarren Duran 5-5 four double afternoon, or Alex Verdugo's late inning weekend heroics. Hell Raffy Devers had back to back 3 hit games in the set. But no we are back to talking about starting pitchers and injury. Garrett Whitlock left the game Sunday after throwing just 18 pitches, one of them deposited over the right field wall by Brandon Belt Whitlock was pulled from the game with “ Elbow Tightness. “

While Alex Cora said Whitlock will be “ Getting an MRI tomorrow (Monday) it’s the same feeling as before, so hopefully it's nothing bad .. We’ll know more tomorrow, have to be smart about this.” Whitlock himself said to Pete Abe of the Globe that this was different from his last trip to the DL. I'm not calling it the IL so just stop people.

The sox have been using a four man rotation along with “openers “ since Tanner Hauck went down after taking a line drive to the face and fracturing his right cheek off the bat of Yankees Kyle Higashioka on June 17th. So now what ?

There is no help down on the farm. There is no one in the pen this team can get meaningful starter type innings from. Chris Sale is throwing again but let's be realistic here. Captain Setback is no one to depend on. Corey Kluber ? I'd rather pitch my wife. Houck has no timetable to return to the club after having two plates inserted into his cheek and now Whitlock. The Dog Days have hit early this year Red sox nation. And there is no AC to crank up.

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