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Red Sox Still need Lefty in The Pen

The Red Sox missed out on Andrew Chafin AGAIN, as the Big Man took his left handed talents back to Arizona. For 6.5 million and a club option for 7.5 million in 2024. What do the Red Sox know that we all don't where less than 14 million dollars would keep them from bringing in a lefty who is better than anyone Bloom has brought in to date? Yea the answer is nothing. But let's get back to what bloom can still do.

There is no doubt that Bloom has revamped this pen in the image of strike throwers this off season. Still going into the year with Jolie Rodriguez and Richard Bleier as your bookend lefties could be another huge mistake on Chaim’s resume. Yesterday former All - Star Zack Britton hosted a throwing session in Florida and the Red sox according to Ken Rosenthal were not represented by anyone at the session.

The Lefty free agent cupboard is looking rather bare. While the Red Sox have been linked to every story about every lefty still on the market, the pickings are getting slim and if Bloom wants to get anything done he needs to get moving… Will Smith, late of the Braves, the aforementioned Britton and the former Philly Brad Hand lead what is a dwindling market and one probably more expensive than what Chaffin just went back to Arizona for. While the pen as it looks on paper anyway has to be considered a strength of this 2023 Red Sox team. You have to wonder why The chief of baseball is not building on what could be his lone strength. Trust me you don't want to be calling on Scott Alexander when the chips are down and one or not both of your lefty options are on the shelf come the all-star break

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