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Red Sox Sox Sweep Tigers, Bloom Cryptic on Duvall Injury

Red Sox Nation could barely enjoy their team's 4-1 victory that sealed up their sweep of the Detroit Tigers yesterday. The Old Town Team put up 24 runs in 27 innings facing Detroit over the three game set in the Motor City. But even after a weekend like this you can’t be thrilled to hear what isn't coming out of the Red Sox offices after Adam Duvall went down in the ninth inning of Sundays win with an injury to his surgically repaired left wrist. Mass Lives Chris Smith tweeted this after the game.

If the X-Rays had been negative Cora would have simply said so after the game, or if they wanted to be completely sure Bloom certainly could have let it be known when Smith texted him. But no such word came from anyone inside the Sox locker room or Brass. As I said before this is the same wrist Duvall injured last July, an injury that cost him the remainder of the Season and sent him to the operating table for the first time in his career. Another bad sign was a later tweet by Smith.

"Bobby Dalbec will travel to Tampa this evening, per two industry sources," Smith tweeted. "The Red Sox have not made any moves yet but he would be the one to replace Duvall if Duvall goes on the injured list."

Why Bobby Dalbec you ask ? I heard you. It's a good question. Most likely because he bats right handed. Less likely is his ability to play short. The Sox are anorexic up the middle. And Dalbec had been working out at both second and short in the preseason and has been handed 2 starts at short for the Woosox. The most likely scenario is Kike Hernandez moves back to Center where he belongs and Yu Chang takes over at Shortstop. These are the options when your 140 million dollar injured shortstop / 2022 second baseman Trevor Story is backed up by Free agent signee Adalberto Mondesi. Who also sits on the 60 day DL. In my opinion, and God willing Dalbec should be on the bench for most of his time back with the big club.

This injury is possibly devastating to the Sox. Even in the short term. After Raffy Devers Duvall has been the most productive hitter in the Red Sox lineup, and Boston (5-4) heads to Tampa to take on the division leading and as we all know undefeated Rays. Tampa sits atop the AL East at (9-0). Boston needs to get at least a split this week against them to send a message to the division that they can compete over the long hall. Anything less ? well the ship won't have sailed but at least one mooring line may have been removed from the dock. Without Duvall this will be a tough task.

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