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Red Sox Sign Monster 11 Year 331 Million Dollar Deal with Rafael Devers

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Who’s On First ? What's On Second ? I Know Who's On Third Base ! Raffy Devers !

In a stunning turn just a day after avoiding arbitration and signing a one year 17.5 million dollar deal USA Today’s Bob Nightengale confirmed former All star and Devers close persona Carlos Baerga Instagram report the the Red Sox and Rafael Devers are in are in agreement on an 11 year 331 Million dollar deal…… Someone pass the Crow

Devers is now the highest paid third basemen in baseball, passing Manny Machado on that list. He is also getting reported to get a 20 million dollar signing bonus when the ink dries on the largest contract in Red sox History.

Do not underestimate what happened to John Henry at Fenway during the winter classic between the Bruins and Penguins. Henry, who also owns the Penguins, was booed mercilessly during the contest. At every break in the action on the Ice chants of Sign Raffy rained down on the billionaire and his tight wallet. This was the fans chance to let the absentee owner know exactly what they thought of his handling of THEIR franchise.

So the waiting is over. He lost on the handling of Mookie . He Lost on the handling of Xander. Will we call this a win ? Hells yes. Chalk it up to peer pressure , sobering up or whatever you want. Bloom, Kennedy and Henry could no afford to botch this. Devers that loveable menace is a Red Sox and baring a trade will be for the rest of his career. there are no opt outs or no trade clauses in the contract. oh by the way The sound you heard across Red Sox nation wasn’t thunder it was my boss @E2Gfounder thanking Jesus from his roof.

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