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Red Sox Sign Justin Turner away from Dodgers

“ Merry New Year !! Happy , It’s Happy, We say Happy New Year '' seems appropriate to use the iconic line between Eddie Murphy and Paul Gleason from the movie Trading Places as that's exactly what's happening between the Red Sox and Dodgers as JD Martinez and Justin Turner Trade teams and coasts. According to Joon Lee and Jeff Passan of ESPN.

Less than a day apart from Martinez signing with the Dodgers on a one year ten million dollar deal, Chaim Bloom decided to once again dust off his dad's checkbook and overpay for an aging star. Bloom inked Turner to a one year plus player option deal that will pay Turner 22 Million dollars if he agrees to opt into year two and 15 Million if he decides to retest the market. Anyone else feel like mom got you a PlayStation2 for Christmas ?

Turner is a two time all star who bounced around a bit as a child in the mid 2000’s. First with the Mets, then Baltimore before ultimately landing in L.A. back in 2014 where he helped them win a world series in 2020. He is a name and that's what Bloom wants you to concentrate on here. Not the fact his big signing was on a now 38 year old DH. Who also plays third base... more on that in a second.

When i heard the news last night during the Patriots last second meltdown in Las Vegas I immediately turned to famed dodgers columnist Howard Cole who has written for of SI and Forbes. And now runs Off_base_w_HC to understand why the dodgers took a pass on him and what Red Sox Nation could expect from Turner.

“ He probably wanted more money and then took what the Red Sox were offering. No way the Dodgers would go two years. He’s had two awful postseasons after being great for the previous seven. And He’s an injury risk every time he’s on the bases. Or tries to stretch a double.. But he’ll hit “

Howard Cole

Last season was considered a down year for Martinez who hit .274 with 16 home runs and drove in 62. Turner belted .278 with 18 home runs while driving in 81 baserunners. This seems to this writer as Bloom ( and god I hope I'm wrong) hedging his bets with Devers. Turner will slide into the DH slot JD left behind while also playing some first and third. I guess in Bloom's mind that's worth the extra 5 million he will pay him this season. As things stand right now there are no guarantees Devers will finish the season in a Red Sox uniform. This roster has gotten worse than the one that finished dead last a season ago. And if Bloom can't extend Raffy he could be traded sooner rather than later.

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