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Red Sox Sign Corey Kluber. This Should Fix Everything

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is days ago and the sales are on. And that means Red Sox super coupon clipper Chaim Bloom is out hitting the bargain bins shopping for those last pieces to his Red Sox puzzle. Todays haul? Corey Kluber of the Winchester Mass Klubers'. I wonder if Chaim will do an unboxing video. the deal is for one year with a club option that could pay the former two time Cy Young winner 21 million dollars. year one has a guarantee of 10 million.

Never let it be said that Bloom is one to sit on his laurels. Pitching depth be damned he was going to ink another top of the rotation starter. funny thing is there are no calendars in the Red Sox offices and people think its still 2015. Kluber is a two time Cy Young Winner. Taking home his first in 2014 and last in 2017. 2018 was his last dominant year. he won 20 games for the Indians for the first and only time in his career going 20 - 7 with a 2.89 ERA. Between 2014 and 2018 Kluber stacked a record of 83 - 45 and was looking like a lock for the HOF.

Then Injuries began to mount up. In 2019 Kluber fractured his arm when he was hit by a line drive pitching against the Marlins. After a long rehab from that injury he was traded to the Rangers where after just one inning he was removed from the game with shoulder tightness and it was revealed that he had a torn " Teres Major Muscle ." in 2021 he signed a one year deal with the Yankees. In May of that season he again hit the DL, in June that was bumped up to the the 60 day DL variety with a strain of the subscapularis muscle. in 2022 he signed a one year prove it deal with Tampa where he went 10-10 with an ERA of 4.34 .. since 2019 Kluber has made just 55 starts going 17-16 with an ERA hovering around four and a half.

Can Kluber come in and help the 2023 Red Sox ? Sure. As things are looking right now the Sox best bet at winning is getting to the sixth or seventh inning and letting what could be a deep pen prop up the old tired arms at the top of the rotation and the young inexperienced hurlers at the bottom of it. As it stands right now Kluber may be the number 2 man in this rotation. Thats Scary

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