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Red Sox Should Be Calling on Bryan Reynolds

Dateline Pittsburgh: Bryan Reynolds, the super disgruntled but always professional center fielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates is trying to get out of town. The super disgruntled Boston Red Sox fan base is trying to will its way out of the AL East cellar. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Let's get in there Chaim shall we.

Yes sir you’ve bungled and fumbled your way into quite the pickle barrel Mr. Bloom. But We won't get into that right here. What we or I will do is show you the way back to respectability, you know that thing you’ve lost. The Pirates All Star center fielder has made it known in no uncertain terms that he doesn't like French fries on his sammiches and wants as far away from Primanti brothers as he can possibly get. While the Rangers and from what I'm hearing the Yankees and Angels are deep in the woods here, I believe the Sox should be too. Ok Mr. Bloom it's time to toss your hat into the ring.

It's said old friend Ben Cherington is asking for the moon for Reynolds. A package of pitching prospects and maybe a big league ready arm. Well you have all of that to offer. Want Bryan Matta ? How about Brandon Walter ? Yes, I'll even go Brian Bello. This roster needs some pop from the right side of the plate and someone who can roam centerfield for a decade to come. And You do consider the starting rotation a position of depth The Pirates went the way of the Sox and lowballed Reynolds in their last offer. I will bet dollars to crullers what the sox gave their AA import Masataka Yoshida would be close, I said CLOSE, to what it would take for Reynolds to play happy. Chaim, have you learned yet that prospects are just that The free agent market is closed. It's time to deal.

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