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Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts has officially opted out of his contract

Anyone Shocked ? Anyone ? Anyone ?

MLBPA announced on the bird app that Xander was among the latest players to join the free agent market. The X man has left the building leaving the final three years and $60MM of his deal with Boston.

There was never any doubt as to Bogaerts decision, as soon as we all read the opt-out clause in the contract the home grown hero signed in April of 2019 we knew this day was coming. Six years and 120 million was a bargain then never mind now.

Chaim Bloom and his Braindead trust of underlings lowballed Bogaerts in spring training offering nothing but a one year addition to the same deal at a 30 million dollar bump. It goes without saying that the X-man will field offers that pale in comparison to his ( Bloom's ) insult.

The sad thing is this didn’t have to happen but as I've said many times before. The Blooming Idiot has a plan and it doesn't include Xander Bogaerts. He will either move Trevor Story over to short or find a cheaper short term answer for the position and leave Story and his elbow at second. Whatever comes first.

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