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Red Sox Ship Matt Barnes to Del-Boca Vista

The Red Sox are trying to kill me , to save some cash Chaim Bloom has traded Matt Barnes of the DFA'd Barnes' to the Marlins for former Yankee - Orioles and now Marlins lefty Richard Bleier, Ken Rosenthal had it first.

While I spelled out that the Sox needed another lefty in the pen after trading Josh Taylor to the Royals last week. Yes this was not the move I suggested. Blier isn't Barnes, He won't walk the earth like Cain in Kung-Fu he walked just 10 batters in 50 2/3 innings last year he will give up hits. A LOT OF THEM. in those same 50 ⅔ Bleier gave up 63 hits but just 20 earned runs last year. His 3.55 ERA was up a bit in 2022 compared to his career numbers: you can look at deeper geek numbers to see the whys and wherefores,

Barnes had to go. I hate to say this about a UCONN man. But it doesn't take a detective to figure out that when Spider-Tack was outlawed Barnes troubles began. The former All-Star began to get tattooed by hatters across the league. He became a one pitch pony whose one pitch wasn't good enough. That still doesn't change the fact that Bloom is not probably out on quality lefties like Matt Moore and Andrew Chafin. More cheap dumpster diving for the Red Sox chief of B.O. Barnes is due 7.5 million this year and the sox will send a cool million with him to Miami to offset the cost. Bleier is set to make 3.5 this year and has a club option for 3.75 in 2024. Is this pen better than it was yesterday ? yes. is it as good as it could be ? Not even close.

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