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Red Sox scoop High School SS Marcelo Mayer with 4th pick in MLB Draft 

Boston may have grabbed what most people feel is the best position player in the draft at #4 when they took high school shortstop, Marcelo Mayer. With Louisville Catcher, my #1 guy, Henry Davis going #1 overall to the Pirates, and Vandy flamethrower Jack Leiter going #2 to the Texas Rangers, the draft got interesting early this year with more teams worried about the math I mentioned in my Top Ten list than the best player available. Boston Red Sox Marcelo Mayer

With their highest selection since 1967 (Carlton Fisk), it would have been poetic to grab Davis at four, but that wasn’t on the table. Leiter had also been stolen from consideration. And then the Detroit Tigers going the scratch ticket mode hoping to hit for a million with high school RHP Jackson Jobe. Chaim Bloom was gifted a lack of choices at #4 and the SS who had it all was there for him.

We were all shocked he was there, Mayer wasn’t shocked that the Sox would take him. 

Marcelo Mayer will never forget tonight. #MLBDraft — Red Sox (@RedSox) July 12, 2021

The 6 ‘3 Mayer had a stellar senior season for East Lake HS in Chula Vista, CA, and backed it up with a showcase season that had most scouts making other plans for the summer. Why? (Good question – you guys always ask good questions) Because after the first two weeks of showcasing, they knew being outside the top two picks there was a snowball’s chance in hell this kid would still be there. And they needed to find a stud among the rest of this year’s crop.

For Red Sox, Hell is a Chilly Place

But there he was at four. The next Nomar, the next Barry Larkin, the next – dare I say – Robin Yount. Maybe I’m kidding a bit here but the truth is this young SS is no joke. He is a five-tool player the Red Sox may need sooner rather than later with Xander Bogaerts‘ ability to opt-out of his six-year $120 million extension after the 2022 season. 

Let’s be honest here, the future could get expensive. 

Fernando Tatis Jr.inked a record-breaking 14 year, $340 million extension with the Padres last winter. Xander is more likely than not going to test those free agency waters. And knowing how budget-conscious Yacht, I mean Sox, owner John Henry is getting in his OLD AGE you, me, and every one day drinking down at VFW know he won’t be matching any offer the X-Man is put in front of. Sad but true.

With the 4th pick in the 2021 #MLBDraft, we have selected shortstop Marcelo Mayer from Eastlake High School (CA). Welcome, Marcelo! — Red Sox (@RedSox) July 11, 2021

So Welcome to Boston, Marcelo. Damn glad to meetcha. 

As always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

Featured Image via Getty Images Boston Red Sox Marcelo Mayer

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