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Red Sox Ruin Everything

With yesterdays big W over the Brew-Crew my opening paragraph for you all this morning was sent to the trash bin.

Including Nick Pivetta today, the Red Sox have gone 29 straight games without their starting pitcher being awarded a win. That's the 3rd-longest streak in MLB history, and the longest since the Mariners went 33 straight in 1979. — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) July 30, 2022

20 Wins in June 20 Losses in July. well in fine fashion the Sox ruined that one didn’t they. Just a month ago, the sox were riding high 10 games over .500.  Chaim and his Blooming Idions ( Not a typo , an Idion is a person who is part idiot part moron.) had a wildcard spot in their dirty little hands. chuckling amongst themselves at the nonbeliever’s  who had lost faith after the sox got out to a 9-13 April record to start the season. the 14-14 May had given them life and they were dancing in the streets from Bridgeport to Kennebunkport.  June’s 20-6 mark whipped them into a frenzy of ” I told You So” and ” you’re uninvited to the parade chants.

If JD Martinez gets traded, he was one of the best $110 Million invested by the Red Sox and Dombrowski; 585GP of 649G .284, 123 HR, 160 2B, 7 3B, 401 RBI – 4x All Star – 2x Silver Slugger – 1x Hank Aaron Award – 1x World Series Ring — Boston Strong (@BostonStrong_34) July 31, 2022

The Dog Days of Summer

Were not kind to the Sox. or their realist fan base. You know them, you’re a part of them. The fan base that was more focused on getting Xander paid, and Devers under contract long term. The fan base that had seen this second half swoon coming and was worried who was on their way out the door today or tomorrow. We saw July coming ! We witnessed the first two months of the season and how well the Sox handed their fellow AL EAST residents. We knew 8-19 was a real possibility. So here we are staring the trade deadline in the face wondering where J.D will be come Wednesday – Where Vaz will play out his season. If Bloom would cut bait and move Nate ?

The 2022 Red Sox in one video 🥲 — Thomas Carrieri (@Thomas_Carrieri) July 30, 2022

the saddest part is. Even if the Blooming Onion wanted to add to this team he can’t. all of his ” Prospects” have been exposed. Honestly are you giving up a quality first basemen or right fielder for any one two or three of Blooms farm-boys ? Yea I didn’t think so , you’re all too smart for that.

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