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Red Sox Pitching Jack Ike Delock Sadly Passes 

Rest In Peace Ivan Martin “Ike” Deloc, No the Jack you see in the headline here isn’t Ike’s first name. It’s for his Jack of all trades style of pitcher he was, Starter – Long Reliever – Closer before they were called that . Ike was a journeyman who did all that was asked of him and more. And that attitude kept him in Boston for 10 seasons. He stuck around for one more down Baltimore, out of respect for him we will let it slide. 

The Hall of Fame remembers former @RedSox and @Orioles pitcher Ike Delock, who passed away on Feb. 28. — National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ⚾ (@baseballhall) March 8, 2022

Ike Made his debut with the Sox in 1952. Where he started seven games and finished eighteen. In 1956 he led the league with 11 relief wins and had nine saves (wasn’t a stat back then)  In 1958, he was among the league leaders in win percentage and had a 13-game win streak that was broken at the end of July. His best season was 1959 when he went 11-6 with a 2.95 ERA—1.10 points lower than the league average. His Adjusted ERA+ in 1959 was 138, and his winning percentage of .647 was fifth best in the American League.

Most career appearances by a pitcher in Red Sox history: 1. Bob Stanley (637) 2. Tim Wakefield (590) 3. Jonathan Papelbon (396) 4. Mike Timlin (394) 5. Derek Lowe (384) 6. Roger Clemens (383) 7. Ellis Kinder (365) 8. MATT BARNES (362) 9. Cy Young (327) 10. Ike Delock(322) — Alex Barth (@RealAlexBarth) July 11, 2021

Respect Earned

Ike Never got a Cy Young vote, never made an all Star Team and he certainly never won any batting awards. I can remember my Uncle Charlie saying back in 73 ‘ “ at least we won’t have to watch another Delock in our lifetime. After the laughter from my father and other uncles died down he went on telling me how pitiful Ike was at the plate 0.83 career BA. When I heard of his passing this memory hit me like a ton of bricks . That being said, Ike was remembered – Ike did have a career (84-75), and that’s more than all of us who dreamt of standing on that mound and wearing that B on the front of their cap and RED SOX across their chest. 

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