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Red Sox need to Deal and Quickly

Red Sox Chief of B.O. Chaim Bloom needs to make moves and make them quickly. Putting himself behind the not so magic 8-Ball after allowing Xander walk to clear a path for his not ready for prime time player (Marcelo Mayer) has caught up to him quickly now that Trevor Story is more likely than not done for the year. Adding to that dilemma is the fact that the 40 man roster is full and whoever you bring in will require someone being moved off the 40 man roster. Themes, the rules. Here are a couple of targets the Blooming Chief should be looking at.

Miguel RoJas SS Miami Marlins -

Let's just get this out of the way Miguel is headed to the Dodgers according too Fabian Arday of the Athletic. snooze you lose. Strike One Chaim

Elvis Andrus - Free Agent SS

Elvis is a free agent but then that corresponding 40 man move would need to be made. Let's just keep that in the back of our minds as we go forward here. Andrus will turn 35 in short order but was still able to play in 149 games last year for the A’s and White Sox. he slashed .249 had 49 extras and 17 home runs. This is where Bloom should start. This would be a treading water move but better to tread than drown.

Josh Harrison - Free Agent 2b

Josh Harrison is not a sexy name but would give the Sox at least a better than warm body at second while moving Kiké Hernández to short. Harrison 35 has an above average glove that will be closer to average when the shift ban hits this year. He managed to get into 119 games for the White Sox last year and hit .256/7/27 with an OPS of .687 . We are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. No offence Josh but it's not 2014 anymore. But the dance move oh the dance moves.

Jose Iglesias - Free Agent SS

This move would make the most sense for all involved. Call me a romantic but i've always loved Jose Iglesias and his magic glove. While his range has gotten more limited as the years have crept up on him he’s 33 now. I think he could have a fine year or two here in what would be his third stint in Boston. Iglesias batted .292 with the Rockies last season, drove in 47 runs and had a .708 OBP. He even hit 3 home runs ! I think those numbers would all rise playing back at Fenway. Maybe five home runs ? Six ? just make me happy for a change Chaim.

Thats it people this is as far i want to go in the orchard shaking of the trees for ripe fruit to keep the old town team afloat while we all wait for Chaim’s vision to come to fruition. It's scramble mode time here. Pitchers and Catchers are coming.

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