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Red Sox Need to Build a Bully-Pen

The 2022 Red Sox bullpen .. yes that's it that's the tweet

Pathetic - Underachieving - Feeble - Distressing - Stroke Inducing and Wretched

Those are the hypothetical but more likely than not responses to that tweet. With a rotation that has more questions than answers and the money being thrown at the Free Agent class of AARP hurlers. Red Sox President of B.O. (Go on Read it again, you’ll see it ) Chaim Bloom has chosen to forgo adding anyone of significance ( Sorry Corey ) to the rotation and instead tossed his meager allowance at the bullpen.

In 2022 the Sox had the fifth worst ERA in all of baseball 4.49 and couldn't buy a save converting an anemic 58% on the season you could say it was the smart but cheap way to go. After all this is Boston and you have to understand the economics of things. ( can you feel the sarcasm ?) but let's digress. Bloom has added Chris Martin - Joely Rodriguez and the slow delivery of Kenley Janson to help stop the bleeding of 2022. Money actually well spent. But now let's finish the JOB.

If Bloom wants to go the 5 inning then call to arms philosophy of putting a winning staff together he needs to go the extra mile. He needs to add one more arm to this back end. And that arm belongs to a famaliar name. Andrew Chafin. Familure because I asked for his addition before the 2022 season started. Chafin signed a two year deal with the Tigers but opted out after finishing the year with a 2.83 ERA and a 10.9 K/9 rate in 64 appearances for Detroit. God knows this team could use another lefty out there behind Verdugo in right field. Chafin was due to make 6.5 million before opting out of his second season in the Motor City. Three years and 24 million should get him in a Boston uniform. Build from strength Chaim. Build from strength.

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