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Red Sox Need a First basemen , And I’ve got one

The Red Sox should be looking for a legitimate first basemen, Bloom probably isn’t but he should be. Colorado Rockies All Star C.J Cron should be on the market and could be had for a lower level set of ball players. Sounds like a match made in heaven doesn’t it ? 

1B CJ Cron will represent the @Rockies during the 2022 MLB @AllStarGame tonight! ⚾⚾⚾@CCron24 | #Rockies | #AllStarGame — AT&T SportsNet™ | RM (@ATTSportsNetRM) July 19, 2022

Chaim Boom gambled and lost to Tristian Casas, getting to the big club this season. Casas has been dealing with an ankle injury all year. But is currently tearing up the ( FLA COMPLEX LEAGUE ) batting well over .400 and launched his first round tripper in just his third rehab game. Well done sir. That is not helping the worst hitting first base situation in MLB. The Boston Red Sox. So what could ?

CJ Cron Could

CJ Cron finishes the first half with a .298/.350/.552/135 wRC+ line and has already set a single season career high in fWAR at 2.4 — Helton HOF (@TH17HOF) July 17, 2022

The Rockies have a plethora of corner men who are much younger and cheaper than Cron. who has what’s left this year of a 7.2 million dollar contract and another 7. 2 million due next season. Not a ton of cash for the likes of even the skinist of flints like Chaim bloom and John Henry. This deal could spark the limping Sox into a roaring fire coming out of the break. In 90 games this year, Cron has hit .298/.350/.552 with 21 doubles, 21 home runs, and 69 RBI. His average is 10th in the NL and his 103 hits are sixth, .552 slugging percentage is Third , 21 home runs rank Forth , and 69 RBI are Third in the NL this season. Sound delicious ? yes it does. 

Done with It 

The All-Star game needs a strikeout derby. Invite Bobby Dalbec, Franchy Cordero, Joey Gallo. Who else? — Bruins Off-Season 2022-23; sign Nazem Kadri (@richg6567) July 19, 2022

I’m truly done with miscues at first base made by AAAA players , and let’s face facts you can toss all the analytic numbers out the door. Franchy and Bobby D are just that, quadruple A players. Cron is head and shoulders above them, Both at the plate and with the glove This is a deal that if Bloom gets off his ass now and it doesn’t allow it to turn into a bidding war a week or from now shouldn’t cost him too much in the way of his prized farm hands. I don’t want to see more AAAA guys like the rumored deal with the Mets for Dominic Smith. The Sox already have that. What they need is an everyday fist basemen a glove and bat Alex Cora can depend on. What they need is C.J. Cron 

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