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Red Sox Nation I Want you to Boycott for Xander Bogaerts 

"It was a little meant to be, you know? Xander Bogaerts on recording an HR and 3 RBI the day he set the record for most games played by a Red Sox shortstop. @TomCaron | #RedSox — NESN (@NESN) June 4, 2022

Yes you heard me right. Boycott for Xander Bogarts. Now the all time Red Sox leader (1,095 ) in games played at Shortstop. Boycott i say. There is no doubt that Xander is one of the  most beloved and decorated ball players in red sox history. Four times a silver Slugger – Three times an all Star. Twice a World Series Champion. A message has to be sent to the club and the skinflints that own and run it. Don’t buy a single piece of Red Sox Swag until the team comes to its senses, signs and keeps him here for the rest of his career. 

Xander Bogaerts to make ‘unreal’ Boston Red Sox history on Friday with 1,094th career game at Fenway Park — Peter Gammons (@pgammo) June 4, 2022

It’s hard to imagine this team without Xander. I agree it was difficult to see it without Mookie and you would have to go back to Carlton Fisk to find a WTF moment as to a player so ingrained into the lexicon of Boston leaving. But unless “ We The People “ stand up and demand our god given right to watch this man play. He may be gone before the season ends. 

John Henry – Kennedy and Bloom Made this Bed 

At shortstop, No. 2, Xander Bogaerts. — Red Sox (@RedSox) June 4, 2022

But just because it’s made we don’t have to sleep in it. Not yet anyway. While they promote Xander’s achievements they also plot his departure. His replacement is signed. Bloom is scouring the minor leagues for “ Fair Compensation ” to add to his minor league menagerie of Double and Triple A golden children when everything he hopes for is right here in front of his two faces. 

Baby Xander Bogaerts during the 2013 World Series 👶 — Thomas Carrieri (@Thomas_Carrieri) June 2, 2022

So I’m begging you all to join in. No Jerseys – No Sherseys – No Bobbleheads  –  Mousepads or Tumblers. No Shopping Bags or Wally socks – No Apple Watches or Fathers Day wallets .Until we get what we want. Xander Boegarts in a Red Sox uniform forever and a day. 

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