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Red Sox : More Money More Arms

2023 It’s time for Chaim to either Bloom or Wilt. see what i did there ? but honestly the calendar may still say 2022 but it's 2023 here in Hot Stove Country. The World Series is in the rearview mirror and most of America is trying to forget that the Astros won the whole damn thing. Red Sox GM Chaim Bloom has sat on his hands to date pretending to care about where Xander Bogearts finishes his career, we have other real issues to address here. It's Closing time, people, and The Sox need one.

RHP Kenley Jansen

Here we go again. Another arm I begged Bloom to sign to a deal last year. When Jansen chose to leave LA he landed in Atlanta and the move paid off for the Braves. Jansen finished the season 5 - 2 with 41 saves and an ERA of 3.38. Ken Rosenthal said in the Athletic The Red Sox are ready to spend well lets see it Mr. Henry. some of Jansen's measurables jumped but that's a blip that can be whisked away with a couple of great innings. This move to me is a no brainer especially if Bloom can get it done at two years and 28 million.

LHP Andrew Chafin

You all know Andrew Chafin right ? no ? Well there's a good reason . He's a set up guy. A set up guy who started his career in Arizona where he spent seven years grinding it out in the desert. He spent a half season with the Cubs in 2020 then moved on to Oakland then Detroit where he has languished in obscurity, for no other reason than he was pitching in Oakland and Detroit. Chafin is a left handed ground ball inducing pitcher, with a devastating slider, something the Sox pen needs. In 57 ⅓ innings last year he struck out 67 batters and walked just 19. While being one of the more solid set-up guys in baseball over the past 5 years he may have the makeup to close. also what a great guy

RHP David Robertson

Most of us remember Robertson from his days with the Yankees 08-14 , After the 2019 offseason, Robertson signed a two-year $23 million contract with the Phillies. Seven appearances into the 2019 season he landed on the injured list. ultimately needing Tommy John, and his first run with the Phillies was over. After a lengthy rehab process, Robertson returned to the field in late 2021, the Rays ( see bloom the Rays liked him ) gave him a chance to prove himself out of their bullpen. He performed well in 12 appearances a got a $3.5 million deal with the Chicago Cubs for his fine work. Then in 2022 Robertson proved he was back. Between his time with the Cubs and a trade back to Philadelphia where he helped get them to the World series. In 58 games he posted a 2.40 ERA and struck out 11.45 batters per nine. A two year 20 million dollar deal is in the park for a man who has proven he’s healthy and a postseason arm you can trust.

That's it for today people . Let's hope Bloom and the Braindead Trust are listening

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