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Red Sox Limp Home from Baltimore 

You can’t win a pennant in April. But you can sure as hell lose one. And it looks as if Chaim Blooms 2022 Red Sox are doing all they can to prove that fact. 

The last place Orioles have scored more runs this afternoon than the Red Sox have since last Monday. Follow us for more stats! 🙄 — Bastards of Boston Baseball 🎙 (@Bastards_Boston) May 1, 2022

Boston (9-14) is limping home from a ten game road trip at (3-7). Their get right series in Baltimore was a complete disaster. Scoring just five runs in three games before JD Martinez grand slam in the top of the ninth on Sunday. And it isn’t like this was an aberration. Including the Slam the Sox plated just 31 over the ten games on the road. That’s just three more runs a game than you and I boys and girls. They have been walked off by every team in the AL East, and are 0-4 in extra inning games on the season. Yes, in 2022 Free Baseball Sucks. 

Recapping Chaim Bloom's last few months: Deliberately made the lineup worse. Sox are now batting .229 Offended the heart and soul of the team with an insulting contract offer. Signed his replacement, who has sucked. Took one step closer to trading Rafael Devers. Well done. — Matt McCarthy (@MattMcCarthy985) May 1, 2022

The top of the lineup is doing its part. For the most part. Devers .299 / 3 / 9 – Martinez .305 / 2 / 12 with eight doubles in just 16 games. And Bogaerts  .369 / 1 / 9 also with eight two-baggers on the season. You know the guys Bloom doesn’t want to pay ? kind of hard to be clutch when there’s no one on the bases to dance with. That being said, there are only three players. Bogaerts .450 – Hernandez .360 and Story .308 , hitting above .300 on the season with RISP. Devers is hitting an anemic .200 Verdugo just .150 and Dalbec .058 with ducks on. 

Hunter Renfroe with the Brewers: .253, 5 HR, 10 RBI Jackie Bradley Jr .152, 0 HR, 5 RBI — Boston Strong (@BostonStrong_34) May 1, 2022

Is there help on the horizon ?

No. Bloom will keep clutching his pearls in Worcester. And feeding you all the cliches his puny baseball mind can come up with. He will send his sabermetric army to defend his wall and keep charging you all the highest prices in baseball. But as long as his minor league system is stocked, what do you care right ? After all, you have Tony Mazz to get you through this. 

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