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Red Sox Lefty James Paxton Finally Healthy……. ?

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

The last time I wrote about James Paxton? No honestly, I'm asking because I can't remember. It had to be an upset blurb or tweet at the end of August as he was headed back to the DL with a Lat Strain and missed the rest of the 2022 season. Just another dice roll by Chaim bloom in his never ending game of rotation craps.

During the off season the Sox smartly ( mark it down ) declined their 13 million dollar 2023 option on Paxton. This nullified the two years and 26 million he would have been due. But surprising to some, Paxton chose to opt in with his own 4 million dollar 2023 contract option. Many thought the lefty could get more on the open market. But we will never know. Paxton is part of the team and has to be a part of the back end of this rotation. putting up meaningful innings from March through September if the sox want to compete for a playoff spot.

Since 2020 the big lefty has made just six starts in the majors and a single rehab start last season. But for 4 million a southpaw with his upside ? Let's put it this way, I'm not thinking it's as bad a dice roll as I did when Bloom signed him in the first place. That upside is what exactly ? In 2019 his last full season, Paxton made 29 starts for the Yankees. Put up a 15-6 record for the pinstripes and had an ERA on the right side of four 3.82. And ate up 150 innings on the hill. Over His past three full seasons in NY and Seattle he’s 38-17 again with an ERA that never topped 3.82. I maybe grasping at straws here but if he can stay off the DL if Alex Cora can keep his innings down (With this bullpen that shouldn't be an issue) and extra arms to use, (there are seven guys for five spots in this rotation) Paxton could be a man who can be counted on to give you good innings, keep this team in games, and hopefully the playoff hunt.

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