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Red Sox Latch onto Phillies Minor League Data instructor Castoff

A curious yet vaguely familiar name popped across my Twitter timeline this morning. Jason Ochart. Ochart, who is part of the Driveline Baseball operation brain-trust out in Washington state, announced he is taking over as the “director of hitting development for the Boston Red Sox” . I started to do a little checking into this and then it hit me. I knew where I had heard this name before. Ochart had worked for the Phillies. Don’t let their recent post-season success fool you. Now you ask where did it hit you Murph. Well right in the melon.

Matt Gelb of The Athletic wrote a column over a year ago about the “Toxic culture” that existed in the Phillies minor league organization. especially focused on player development. and both Driveline and Jason Ochart were mentioned quite prominently in his piece. In short I highly suggest clicking the link I provided to Matt’s great piece.

My question to John Henry. Is this just more computer-driven metrics training? Is Bloom grasping at straws to save his precious prospects down on the farm? Will the culture that was too toxic for Philly follow Mr. Ochart here to Boston? and what is it that Driveline or Ochart has done in Philly to suggest handing them the keys to the Red Sox minor league system is warranted? Was he brought in on the word of Dave Dombrowski ? excuse me while I chuckle at that thought. Oh, yea sure these guys are amazing John go for it. still laughing.

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