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Red Sox Kenley Jansen Knocking on Heavens Door

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Kenley Jansen has worked out pretty well for Chaim Bloom and the Red Sox. the Sox chief of B.O Bloom twisted Kenley's arm just before Christmas in 2022 and inked the closer to a two year 32 million dollar contract. No one, not even yours truly took him to task for it. And to this point he has earned every penny of that deal. Pitch clock ? Pfffft. What pitch clock ?

In eleven games he has nine saves and one win under his belt. His ERA is 0.88 Jansen has sixteen strike outs to just two walks, and has given up nine weak as all get out hits across 11 innings of work. and his other nerdy numbers are well, pretty damn good. the link is above go check them if you want.

Jansen is about to ( maybe Tuesday ) reach a milestone few in this game have. You see last night the three time all star and 2020 world series champion grabbed his 399 career save. 400 is very rare company. Only Billy Wagner ( 422 ) John Franco ( 424 ) Francisco Rodriguez ( 437 ) Lee Smith ( 478 ) have memberships in the 400 save club. Craig Kimbrel ( 394 ) key is being cut. Trevor Hoffman ( 601 ) and of course the goat Mariano Rivera ( 652 ) have their own joint. Would love to know that secret handshake. But lets digress. Rare company indeed. Jansen is about to do what only seven other human beings in the history of baseball have done. Notch his 400th save. And he’s going to do it in a Red Sox uniform.

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