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Red Sox: Is it Time to Let Alex Cora Go ?

Yes we all know what Alex said a few short weeks ago. According to Jen McCaffrey of the Athletic Alex told reporters he would be back as the manager in 2024. Since then a new head of baseball ops Craig Breslow “ the smartest man in baseball “was hired and nothing has come out of his office to give anyone a second thought about Cora’s job security. in fact it's been quite the opposite. But is keeping Cora here on a lame duck deal the smartest move considering how important this off season is to the Red Sox and Breslow ?

The GM meetings are well underway, Scottsdale is all abuzz as old men and young nerds get together to sip scotch and eat on the company dime. This used to be the start of something but more’s the pity that is no longer the case. Free agency is put on the slow burner until after thanksgiving. Deals are discussed and a few agents will be contacted. But the feeding frenzy you still see in the NBA, NHL, and NFL no longer happens in MLB. GM’s Baseball Ops Czars and most importantly Agents would rather play the slow game.

But Free Agency is what I'm here to talk about. After money the most important thing to most free agents is stability. Knowing who you will be playing for. How you feel about that person and the success or lack thereof is at the top of the list for any free agent. Can you blame them? Almost Nowhere in the world does this choice happen as it does in sports. Most of us have no clue as to who the people we will be working with or for when we get those headhunters calls are. But in sports, especially in baseball they are out there for all to see. And Breslow should understand this. After all, he knew what he was getting into when he took the job. And so will the Free agents who he will be calling.

As deep as it seems Breslow and the Sox manager seem to be in each others camp the Red sox need to let this free agent class know exactly what direction this team is heading, that there is a Skipper to this ship and for more than 2024. Your own Big Name free agent Rafael Devers was taken care of before the 2023 season began. It's time to take care of the next biggest name on your roster Craig. Take the Lame Duck tag off Cora. Either extend him or move on. you’d only be helping yourself.

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