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Red Sox Ink Adam Duvall to One Year Deal

Updated: Mar 12

The Red Sox have pulled the trigger and brought in the bat of Adam Duvall. According to Craig Mish of the Miami Herald and a plethora of other beat guys. Turning an outfield that just three short years ago consisted of Mookie Betts - Andrew Benintendi and Jackie Bradley JR into Alex Verdugo - Masataka Yoshida and Adam Duvall. Bravo Bloom. B-R-A-V-O. Before we get started here let me just say. i like Adam Duvall, i wondered why this was just a one year deal. Not even options attached.

Prospects are still all in place and that's the important thing though isn't it? Yes while Chaim was sitting in his mad laboratory explaining to Jon Henry how his vision of a cheaper than the dollar store lineup was going to contend this year BASEBALL happened. Xander walked his Story ended and I’m about as GREEN as I've ever been. here's the reason why

1) LF Masataka Yoshida .337/.419/.957 AA Level competition

2) SS Kike Hernandez .222/.291/.629

3) 3B Rafael Devers .295/.358/.879

4) DH Justin Turner .278/.350/.788

5) RF Alex Verdugo .280/.328/.732

6) CF Adam Duvall .213/.276/.677 ( coming off wrist surgery )

7) 1B Triston Casas .197/.358/.766

8) 2B Christian Arroyo .286/.322/.736

9) C Reese McGuire .269/.307/.677

Ohhh Shivers

Short sightedness ( the one year) and what can only be called an ineptitude of talent evaluation is the only blame that can be laid here my rabid readers. What was once the best outfield in baseball now consists of at best fourth outfielders on a championship team and at worst, Well i have thought of an example of worst yet. The Alamo came to mind. Along with the titanic, but it just didn't seem to be low enough. By the way incase you missed it above. Duvall had left wrist surgery last June and missed the second half of last season. you know just to end this on a note of optimism

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