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Red Sox in or out on Carlos Rodon ?

Here we go again. It feels like less than a year ago I was sitting in this exact spot ( well not really we just moved ) but metaphorically telling Chaim Bloom to go out and ink free agent Carlos Rodon. He was coming off an all star season where he had pitched his way to a (13-5) record with an ERA below three (2.37). Needless to say I was ignored and Carlos went west from Chicago to San Francisco. While in the bay he backed up his last season in Chi-town with another All-Star appearance and made more starts (31) and pitched more innings (178) since 2016. While still keeping his ERA below three (2.88) that's still under three even with new math,

The Red Sox current rotation is a mixture of kids and duct tape. Chris Sale could tear his rotator cuff turning on the shower. Bello is a child and Paxton is a set back waiting to happen. Boston desperately needs two arms at the TOP of this rotation with the regression at the plate just to compete for a wildcard spot.

They already let Kodia Senga slip through their fingers when they could have had him weeks ago. At the exact number i predicted by the way. I’m not sure they will go the length other team will for Nate Eovaldi but god i hope I'm wrong about that. It's time to back up the Brinks truck John Henry. Spend some of that Patch Money.

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