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Red Sox in On Marcus Stroman 

Free agent Marcus Stroman could be just the antacid Red Sox fans need after the Blooming signing of Michael Wacha to a one year deal last week. Let’s not fool ourselves here, Wacha will not be a part of the starting rotation for long. This isn’t 2017. Marcus Stroman on the other hand could be a nice fit here for the foreseeable future. 

We’re waiting patiently, @STR0… very, very patiently#RedSox — Beyond the Monster: Boston Red Sox (@BeyondtheMnstr) November 29, 2021

The 31 year old rightie had a good 2021 season in Flushing. If you look past Stroman’s (10-13) record you will see he posted an ERA of 3.02 in 33 starts and had a K rate approaching eight over nine innings. Not bad for a sinker ball pitcher who has an earned reputation of not missing many bats. Cause for concern ? not really since in 2019 he posted nearly identical numbers. Stroman chose to sit out 2020. 

Marcus Stroman in a Red Sox uniform, I'd be pretty thankful for that. — BoSox Injection (@BoSoxInjection) November 26, 2021

The Sox are not the only team in on Stroman. 

The Cubs, the Mets, the Giants, the Tigers and even the Mariners are also in talks with the native New Yorker. Good for him, bad for Bloom as this will only increase the asking price. Bloom has not shown to be a man to outbid all suitors for a player’s services. 

What Stroman Brings

Stroman is an innings eater who constantly flirts with 200 and consistently dates 180 innings pitched. Is he the replacement for Eduardo Rodriguez? of course not. The Sox still need a top of the rotation Lefty. Will he make this rotation stronger ? you bet he will. The question is will Chaim Bloom boom upwards of 100 plus million dollars for another third starter? I’m not so sure he will. But I do know he should. If the rumors Bloom is circulating that he’s going to add better leather to the infield. Stroman would be a great fit here in Boston. 

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