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Red Sox Hot Stove or Crockpot

Dateline Boston : The Red Sox offseason crockpot was set to low last year and things didn't actually heat up until spring training began. Most of the talk all winter was just that talk. Tiny blooming signings came and rumors went, well the way of rumors . Bloom inked up Jake Diekman , now gone - James Paxton , Never got here - Michael Faliez - Derek Holland and a guy named Trevor story who played a few games. You all remember the long dark road. And i don't want to put you off your morning breakfast sammich. Let's get back to today.

Chris Costello of Mass Live tweeted out that the Sox and Bloom were leaking out i mean looking at things with a bit more urgency this year. And former Met’s right hander Seth Lugo along with former Yankee and Dodgers lefty Andrew Haney were a pair of players you me and everyone in the hub should keep an eye and ear out for,

Seth Lugo is a career Metropolitan who came up in 2016. And has for the better part of his seven year career been a solid righty out of the pen. He will give you 100 plus innings and a solid K to walk ratio. His four seam velocity is in the mid 90’s and has the experience of pitching under pressure in a big market. Not to mention he pitches multiple innings and gets righties out as well as lefties. Right Handers bat just .250 against him and that number drops to .220 when he faces Lefties. Of course the Red sox aren't the only team looking for pen help in this shallow pool. The Cubs are in on Lugo as are the Dodgers and of course the Mets. but i liked this leak. A proven arm with no damage done to it over the years. Sign me up.

Andrew Haney has bounced around a bit after breaking in with Miami he spent seven semi solid years in an Angels uniform where he pitched to a 4.51 ERA and then went to the boogie down Bronx for a mess of a season with the Yankees that saw that number jump to 7.32 … Last season with the Dodgers Haney had career bests in ERA 3.10 - Strikeouts per Nine 13.6 , SO/BB per nine 5.79. And Hits per Nine 7.4 …And his HR rate dropped off a cliff from 2021 3.3 to 1.7 in 20 22.

With the other leak Whitlock to the rotation ( So stupid ) Bloom needs to address the pen and quickly. As i said this off season for quality relievers is kiddie-pool shallow. And Bloom can’t afford to go the Crock Pot method of cooking.

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