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Red Sox Hand Justin Turner Number 2 . ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?

In the time honored tradition of the Fenway Sports Group John Henry has chosen to take the low road AGAIN and assigning according to’s Red Sox 40 Man roster Free Agent DH/3B Justin Turner of all numbers 2. Yes my friends everything old is new again. As Henry has done with every Free Agent or Manager who has left The Old Town team JH and the Red Sox couldn't resist trolling Xander Bogaerts on his way out by handing out the deuce as soon as possible. Turners number10 is already worn by Trevor Story.

You can run down the list of people this team has either disrespected or trashed on their way out the door. The Jersey Street Mudslinging list is long and distinguished. The Fenway sports group does not discriminate against who it chooses to try and sully on their way out the door. From Nomar to Francona and in between Youk, Pedro and Manny. These spin doctors of the FSG have yet to find a gutter they wont crawl into when a player or manager decides they have had enough.

Xander Bogaerts is beyond reproach in the class area. So JH could only go so low. There were no marriage breakups, no rumors of demanding to know of option pickups or fake injuries to force your way out of the lineup that he could lay at the feet of one of the greatest players to ever wear BOSTON across his chest. Not that you know he didn't try. So he simply made it known. Anyone can wear # 2

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