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Red Sox Go 8-2 on West Coast Trip , But is that the real Story ?

Unreal. Off the top of my perfectly quaffed head, I truly couldn’t remember a Red Sox west coast trip as successful as this one.  So I looked it up. Not since 1995. Have a drink if you were alive then. After splitting their last two series with the Reds and Orioles before heading out here to the Surfs up league I was hoping for a .500 trip maybe 6-4. But to come home 8-2 ? Never in my most deluded dreams did I think this was happening. Not with this up and down pitching staff, both starters and bullpen. Not with the hot and cold running bats of this old town team’s incarnation. But here we are welcoming home Boston’s boys of summer after an 8-2 trip 3 games over .500 

Hitting homers in your hometown 🤩 — Red Sox (@RedSox) June 11, 2022

Battered and Bruised 

Nate Eovaldi – Garrett Whitlock and Kiké Hernandez have all hit the DL.(Lets not keep going through this people you know my stand.) Kiké is dealing with a hip flexor he can no longer keep dealing with without rest so he hit the 10 day on Wednesday. Eovaldi has a back issue he needs to tend to and was placed on the 15 day list on the 12th. He’s joining Garrett Whitlock who was sent to the injury ward on the 10th with hip inflammation. God help me. Do not let 10-2 fool you these are core players this team needs. 

The Rest of the Story 

TREVOR STORY TIES IT WITH A NICE RICOCHET AND SOME HUSTLE! #RedSox | #DirtyWater — Tyler Milliken ⚾️ (@tylermilliken_) June 8, 2022

While the rest of the team has been raking at the plate and baking on the mound Trevor Story had  a trip to be forgotten. He batted just .200 on this road show and added only two RBI to the 43 he had driven in before the Sox headed west. Lets all hope the home cooking and friendly confines of Fenway can get Story back on track, driving in runs and being the clutch guy Trevor has shown he can be when he’s seeing the ball well. there is no denying his hustle and pride. 

Lets leave on a good note , How about this grab by Rob Refsnyder

Rob Refsnyder with a ridiculous catch for the Red Sox that I needed to acknowledge before calling it a night. Full extension, sick snag, great work! #RedSox #DirtyWater #RedSoxNation — Dan Kelley (@DanKelley66) June 13, 2022

And The Lovable Menace Goes Oppo

look at this freakin pitch, devers is a baseball god — Red Sox Stats (@redsoxstats) June 12, 2022

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