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Red Sox Fire Chief of Baseball Operations Chaim Bloom , Film at 11

Red Sox Nation the long national nightmare is over. Sick of battling for last place and fear of losing even more season ticket holders and possibly Alex Cora the Red sox announced today that they have fired Chief of B.O. Chaim Bloom.

Red Sox ownership also saw the writing on the wall as to their own legacy here in Boston slipping into the gutter that Bloom had dragged this most storied of franchises. It had gone from perennial post season and world series contender and a streak of 820 straight sellouts; those numbers include playoffs, to where it has landed today. Scratching for third wild cards and fans not being able to give away seats to Red Sox Yankees games in September. While this streak ended years before Bloom took over the front office, attendance dropped in each of his years at the helm of this ship. The bottom line. The Sox drew 2,915,502 fans in 2019. In 2023 that number dropped to 2,433,849

People will say John Henry found himself a scapegoat in Bloom that it was he who ordered Bloom to make these moves, trading away Mookie Betts letting Xander Bogaerts move on. But it was Bloom's job to bring back and bring in talent that would make this franchise contenders for a world series. And he didn't get close. He was too scared to give long term contracts to players that have worked out and to stupid to see the ones he had brought in were damaged goods or past their prime. He rolled the dice and came up with CRAPS. And now he can tuck tail and go home Broke.

While we may all be giddy over today's news. Bloom leaves the franchise in a tough spot. While the Bloominati can hang their hats on his top Five, Ten or Fifteenth ranked farm system, these kids who were top twenty picks are years away from helping and the 2024 Free agent market is one of the worst I've seen in decades. All of MLB is desperate for starting pitching, the feeding frenzy is going to be unprecedented this hot stove season. Once you get past Shohei Ohtani, Blake Snell and Japanese star Yoshiniibu Yamamoto, what you or I would consider number one starters are just not there, and the Sox need two of these three to even be thought of as a contender in 2024. We haven't even begun to discuss the mess that is this defense. This team needs an overhaul like i haven't seen since the early 80’s

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