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Red Sox Fans Wake up out of The Playoffs 

Seattle: Boston fans who didn’t make it to the end of last night’s Boston Red Sox opener against the Mariners woke up today after a 5-4 loss on the outside looking in at the postseason. I’ll wait while you add a wee bit of Whiskey or Bailey’s to that coffee you’re sipping. 

Red Sox lose, 5-4. Poor defense proves costly again. That's five straight one-run games (2-3). Sox are 2-6 in their last 8 — and trail Jays by a game for first wild-card spot, tied with Yankees for second one. — Chris Cotillo (@ChrisCotillo) September 14, 2021

The Good Old Days

It’s not so long of a trip in the way-back machine to the All-Star break. The Sox were rolling, nineteen games over .500, and sending the left side of their infield off to Coors Field to represent the old town team. Times were good. They were headed towards the trade deadline with prospects in hand and a 1.5 game lead over the Rays in the AL East. The Yankees were not even a concern. And no one had heard from Toronto in over two months. Then the deadline came and went.

#BlueJays keep winning. #RedSox lose. So there it is. 16 to play. Toronto atop wild card standings. Sox and #Yankees tied…. and, uh, you better not get swept, Boston, cuz here come the M's. — Tom Leyden (@TomLeyden) September 14, 2021

Boston was sitting pretty at 63-42. Not too shabby for a team that on paper looked like the one we are all watching now. The masses waited all day for the big move – a pen arm or a glove at first – neither truly came. Yes, Chiam Bloom picked up Kyle Schwarber and made very minor tweaks to the pen that haven’t helped. And the Sox have been a sub .500 ball club since the deadline. Think the sox could have used a real first basemen last night ?

Don’t Worry. Be Happy, Boston

Many continue to chirp in my ear that the Sox weren’t supposed to be a contender this season, it was year one of Bloom’s master plan to rebuild the farm system and get under the tax threshold. Well, if you’re as old as I am, you know that chances for a World Series title don’t come around as often as they may have in this century.

And sorry, but you cannot predict the future, no matter how you try to slice it. Going from leading the division at the deadline to fourth place and nine back of Tampa in the standings is a failure and I don’t want to hear about Covid. GET A SHOT.

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Boston Red Sox Fans Wake up out of The Playoffs | Murph | 9-14-21

Featured Image via Boston Herald 

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