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Red Sox Drop The Ball. Bogaerts Chooses San Diego

Think Xander Bogaerts will ask Don Orsillo if he can sleep on his couch ? just until he finds a place of his own.

By place I mean mansion. Yes folks as I predicted. so often and so loudly Xander Bogaerts will not be the Red sox opening day shortstop next April. Just after midnight the San Diego Padres inked the four time all star, five time silver slugger and two time world series champion to an Eleven Year 280 million dollar deal.

The writing was always on the wall. From the get go in spring training Bloom started his song and dance “ WE WANT XANDER TO BE HERE FOR A LONG TIME “ yea pull this leg Chaim. You started this ordeal lowballing one of the best players in this teams history last spring with a 4 year 90 million dollar offer and you never came close to giving this man a contract he deserved and earned out on this field. Now He’s gone He’s gone and theres nothing anyone can do about it. You got your wish. You have your extra 8 million to go spend. If you do the math, that's about all the extra money Bloom will have to toss around.

Bloom and Sam Kennedy will spin this that they were into it till the end , “ Xander was our number one priority … We love him but it was just too long and rich of a deal. We just couldn't give him that full no trade clause . These words or something reasonably close to those statements will flow out of their months. Trust me. They leaked teased and tortured you all day with renewed deep negotiations talk. Hey you all might even believe them. Or even agree with them. That's your prerogative. But in the end I, like many others, was right. Xander Bogaerts was never a part of Bloom's long term vision for this team. I jokingly say: I hate always being right. I’m telling you I would have happily eaten crow happily on this one.

The point to all of this isn't : was it too much money, is the deal too long ? the issue is why were we here in the first place , Chaim Bloom walked into a franchise with three faces… Three generational homegrown talents. Mookie - Xander and Raffy. And now there is one. as always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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