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Red Sox continue to go cheep sign Ryan Sherriff

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

This is getting to the point of migraine level pain people. As I've pointed out before with the Red Sox rotation it's important that they build a bully of a pen. Well not getting what i've asked for. I should be used to it by now. The Sox have not gone out and signed a left hander of consequence. They signed Lefty ( yes Lefty should always be capitalized) Ryan Sherriff to a minor league deal. Ryan announced the deal himself. you know to save John Henry a buck.

Why a minor league deal ? i heard you ask, because that's where Sherriff has spent most of the past 3 years. Sherriff was last seen in a Major League game as a member of the tampa bay Rays in 2021.

The lefty was a product of the Cardinal’s organization but needed Tommy John after the 2018 season. (we know how Bloom love Tommy John guys.) and has been bouncing up and down with the Rays and Phillies who picked him up after tampa ( which should never be capitalized ) DFA's him ever since, he did pitch in the World Series for the Rays in 2020. He also likes to take his time between pitches, so this should be fun with the new 2023 pitch clock rules.

Joely Rodriguez and Josh Taylor of the island of Fragile are the only Lefties that Bloom has given to Alex Cora to work with to date in this pen. You would think a man of Chaim Bloom baseball intelligence would see the need for an upgrade here. And to be honest when healthy Sherriff is an upgrade over JR J-Rod. He humbly boasts 3.11 ERA in 170 2/3 Triple-A innings and a 3.65 mark in 44 1/3 MLB frames. He won't strike out a ton of batters but he does have a good sinker that induces ground balls. the catch is he's never healthy

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