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Red Sox : Chaim Bloom staring at Nuclear Winter

If you head over to the Google Machine and type in RED SOX news what do you get ? well I'll tell you. No need to head there please allow me.

You get

Hunter Renfroe heads back to … No not the Red Sox the American League

What i wouldn't give for Dan Duquette - Dave Dombrowski - Dick O’Connell hell id welcome Theo the Ego back at this point. Grown ass GM’s who knew how to smartly spend money, and understood the meaning of the word Prospect. But no what The Red Sox have is low rent, low baseball IQ, lowballing Chaim Bloom and his low opinions of the Red Sox fan base. And what they deserve for paying the highest prices in all of baseball.

Red Sox nation all you deserve in the eyes of Chaim Bloom is the torture of his salary structure, his embrace of the luxury tax threshold. Signings of mid level relief pitchers. Welcome Aboard Joely Rodriguez. False hope bull shit rumors of offers made to Xander Bogaerts and more insults to Raffy Devers. Oh and the remodeling of his farm systems hitting instruction. Can't forget that now can we.

While other GM’s top GM’s and presidents of baseball ops wheel and deal, invite in top tier free agents Bloom holds the company line. Keep the payroll down and try to be competitive. I’d like to say there is still hope one of the top ten players in the history of this franchise will sign a new long term deal this off season i no longer do. Raffy is as good as gone. Oh you thought I meant Xander ? No, I knew and wrote that pipe dream was history when camp broke. last April Fools Day.

What Chaim Bloom has done in his not short enough stint here is nothing short of embarrassing. 190 losses in three seasons. One of those seasons is the abbreviated 2020 year, imagine if Covid hadn't bailed him out. He needed to finish 2021 twenty one games over .500 to just be above .500 himself ! He is on the cusp of losing not one, not two , but three of the best players to ever wear BOSTON across their chest.

Where's John Henry in all of this ? sitting on the back of his Yacht , laughing his way to the bank. playing Stratego with his vast empire of professional teams and players trying to angle his way to ownership of the Washington Commanders. Red Sox Nation bundle up, fill the oil tanks and split two more cords of wood. It's going to be a cold winter.

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