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Red Sox Bloom sits on hands while AL East bulks up at Deadline

If you happen to be a member of the Bluminati you’re not going to like this little column. If you happen to be a stat geek you're probably going to run to your wRC+ numbers and try to toss them at me all afternoon thinking they make an inch of difference.. If you’re one of the look what John Henry has done over the past 20 years here for us crew ?. You can just go home right now.

This season's trade deadline handling is a bit better than last years. Christian Vazquez wasn't here to be traded. Life wasn't sucked out of the locker room. No one on the big league club was shipped off for two fungos and a rosin bag to be named later. But Chaim Bloom did tell Alex Cora in no uncertain terms to F.O. there would be no help coming to the rotation. There would be no help for his overworked beleaguered bullpen. At least not from his desk. Any and all help would be coming via the DL trains return trip from Portland and Woooostah.

And we shouldn't be surprised. Chief of Red sox propaganda Sam Kennedy warned us , he went on the Greg Hill show on WEEI and spelled this out for us all, but we weren't listening

“I think it's really important that the roster, the players, the clubhouse, the staff understand and feel the support from ownership and the front office, but I think that actually happens in the offseason or prior off-season's,”

Whitlock - Houck - Story and Sale oh my,

Blah- Blah - Blah. four oft-injured maybe’s ? That's Bloom and Kennedys big plan to get you to the postseason. Not really. All Kennedy and Bloom want to do is stay “ competitive.” you see, staying competitive is the moniker they live by. Staying competitive keeps the turnstiles turning and the overpriced beer flowing the Fenway franks selling and cheap catchup well pooling because people bring their own now.

In his post deadline ZOOM conference. Bloom tossed out some feel good comments to this year's team.

“We do like this group. We like this team. I feel that way, I know Alex (Cora) feels that way.”

But he went on to add what amounted to uncomfortable sounding placating tossing nerd numbers at the masses.

“Just look at the odds. We know what the odds are. We don’t have a playoff spot right now. We’re not sitting in a playoff spot.”

“ we’re underdogs this year, right now where we are in the playoff odds.”

“You can look at the odds and the odds are real, and they’re based on a lot of really good evidence and they’re based on fact. They are what they are.”

He actually called THE BOSTON RED SOX Underdogs

. No one asked for Bloom to go out and bring back an ace. No one expected him to toss all his top prospects at the Met’s for Scherzer or Verlander. Honestly, why would they come here ? but you get my drift. Truth be told, I was hoping for Eduardo Rodriguez to return to Fenway. That would have been a message sent to the clubhouse. But i didn't even float that thought as there would be no way in hell. But the message sent to Cora, Devers and all of you is the same as it was when they shipped Mookie off to LA and let Xander walk to San Diego. We just want to compete. Because you will keep buying tickets and tee shirts.

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Kevin Van Horn
Kevin Van Horn

I can't believe that he actually called the Sox underdogs, particularly since he's the one that put us in that position.

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