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Red Sox Bloom Playing with House Money 

The time of complaining is over. Or has it just begun? We are just hours away from the Sox opener in the Bronx. Alex Cora and his band of merry men are itching to head north and start digging the Yankees 2022 grave. I don’t know about you all but I can’t remember a season where getting off to a fast start was more important. Fifteen of Boston’s first twenty two games are against A.L. East foes. And with a pitching staff duct taped together by hope and social security checks the bats had better come north hot. For Boston’s sake and their own. 

Would love to see J.D. Martinez mash 40 dingers in ‘22 for the Red Sox 🚀 — Beyond the Monster (@BeyondtheMnstr) December 21, 2021

Chaim Bloom is gambling heavy that Nate Eovaldi – Kike Hernandez – J.D. Martinez – Christian Vazquez and the opt out eligible Xander Bogaerts will go for gold in their walk seasons. Is this a safe bet ? I’m not sure. If it works and Alex Cora can get them to outperform their averages the Sox could make another deep dive into the postseason. If it doesn’t work out and any two or god forbid three of the five spend the first half of the season gripping the bat too tight ? Bloom could be playing for the future at the trade deadline instead of pushing all in. 

Kiké Hernandez was flashing the leather out in CF today 😳#RedSox #DirtyWater — Jake “Iggy” Ignaszewski (@JakeIggy) April 2, 2022

But Lets Digress 

Sure the Sox have had Aprils filled with division rivals in the past. But in recent memory I can’t for the life of me remember when the east was this stacked from top to almost bottom ( sorry Baltimore you deserve better ) The Yankees bats – The balance in Toronto – The rightful arrogance that the Rays have when they take the field. This is going to be a slugfest from the jump. It’s enough to give a man pause even with a chip stack of two hundred and twenty six million dollars.  But this is why we love the game. It’s the unknown. It’s the next card flipped over. I hope it lasts all season. I hope it’s a long tight race that runs through the dog days and into the early autumn crisp that grips New England. I fucking love baseball 

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