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Red Sox Avoid Sweep in San Diego , That's Not a Good Thing

After the Red Sox took the first two games of this west coast swing I was a little bit giddy. After all, the bats were close to smoking. And the sox were moving up in the standings. They took the opener 6-1 and had eight hits. On Saturday they put up another seven hits and plated four. in the third and final game they would face old friend Michael Wacha. Yea the hits stopped coming. Skip past this Milliken tweet of you just ate breakfast.

Bats on Sunday seemed to take the day off. The three , four, and five hitters: Casas - Devers and Duran went 1-12 on the day. And the one hit was a single by Triston Casas of all people. The Sox managed to ground into two double plays and left eight men on base and just for good measure were 0-5 with runners in scoring position. “ Yea Not good Bob “

Even though there is plenty of blame to go around here, it has to be hard to keep your head up when you're down 4-0 after the first inning, Again. Corey Kluber did 2023 Kluber type things again in this game. Kluber gave up 4 runs on 3 hits while walking 3 in just 2.⅓ innings of work. But hey only one was earned right ? right ? work with me here people i'm trying to convince myself of any god given reason Kluber shouldn't be DFAd right now. At the very least a stint on the DL is warranted here.

Whitlock is due back by Saturday after a single rehab start for the Woo-Sox. A move like this might not be imminent as a six man rotation will be used for now. But a move has to be made before Kluber’s next turn. In his nine starts this season Kluber is 0-5 in games where the Sox don't score more than 5 runs. He’s 2-1 in games where the Sox score more than 6 runs. He’s pitched into the sixth inning once all season and his walk rate is astronomical. He’s given passes to 18 batters in just 41 ⅔ innings of work. You can add in 11 dingers launched in his time on the hill too. Time to go Chaim it's time to go.

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