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Red Sox at Last See Trevor Story Return on Horizon

Anyone Remember Trevor Story ? you know the shortstop Chaim Bloom signed to a six year 140 million dollar contract back in 2022 ? Yea him the man who no one believed was inked to replace Xander Bogaerts. Now you remember.

Well on Tuesday NESN's own Jahmai Webster announced that “ Story would begin his rehab in Portland with the Sea Dogs on Friday “ Hallelujah ! these words came directly from Alex Cora and he mapped out how this assignment would play out

Once Story takes the field he has 20 days to get ready for big league action. That isn't a lot of time. Well compared to the amount of time Story has sat on the shelf since signing his deal in Boston it's a millisecond. There was talk earlier of his returning as a DH but that's been scrapped with the glut of sticks and lack of spots in the order for those bats. But is putting him at short the smartest move to make right now ? I realize the Sox have the worst offensive and defensive production at that spot in MLB , but Story has a long history of elbow issues. maybe its just me but i would consider keeping him at second where he excelled last season. Batting .238 with 16 home runs and 66 RBI in just over 90 games.

Saturday will be Story’s first time back on a ballfield taking meaningful reps and cuts since he was sat down with a heel issue back in early September of 2022 that issue turned out to be season ending. Then came the elbow ( bracing ) surgery in January that has brought us here. The clock is ticking. Both Story and Chris Sale are making progress ( more on Sale tomorrow ) Even Garrett Whitlock is throwing a baseball. All three are working hard to get back to the big league club. Just in time for Bloom to claim his trade deadline moves were made here with these three returning from the DL.. Get off my back it's the DL … Anyway, Bloom's vision is coming into focus. ( That's my eyes rolling across the floor you hear ) Can it push the Sox into the postseason? It just might. And that's almost as scary as them not making the playoffs.

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