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Red Sox And The : Curious Case of Jarren Duran

Just when you were thinking of getting Jarren Duran a T-Pass for his trips back and forth to Worcester, he shocks the hell out of you. .387/.417/.645 …. Let that sink in

True thirty six at bats is a small sample size and we have seen Duran come up and get hot early in previous stints in the show. In a June call up last year he batted .333/.385/.479 Before being knocked out of the ring in July, .195/.228/.229. So you can feel the trepidation in my keyboarding. Are we just being teased by Duran coming out slugging in the early rounds only to get No Mas when pitchers adjust and he can’t readjust to what they have adjusted too ? I'm hoping for the former but the latter is always there lurking like Sugar Ray Leonard with lightning fast feet and hands.

For now we will take the former. Duran is hotter than hell right now at the plate. Evidenced by the first grand slam of his career in last nights 8-6 victory over the Orioles to go along with a single , a double 4 RBI and 3 RS. He’s playing an above average centerfield and I haven't heard anyone mention Adam Duval in more than 48 hours. While Duval avoided needing a second surgery on his left wrist he is still looking at a long road back to the show. At least six weeks I say closer to ten before he COULD ( big could ) be back patrolling an outfield spot for the big club. Can Duran keep this pace up ? No , Hell No , F Bomb No. But he is seeing the ball well, hitting it hard and good things are happening when he’s at the plate. Even if he takes a step or two down I would be surprised if he was sent back to the Woosox when Duval is added back to the 40 man. I mean Justin turner can play first can’t he ? YEP

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